Review 2016 Gypsy Queen


5.00 star(s)
2016 Gypsy Queen

24 packs - 10 cards per pack
2 Autos and 2 Relic cards per box

I received these:


187 unique base cards -- or 62% of the base set.

Gypsy Queen's design remains much the same as it has since inception -- photos with an 'artist touch'. The cards are printed on relatively thin manila stock. Gypsy Queen seems to be a very good issue for the set builder, the player collector, and even the team collector. The folks out there that might want to put together a master set with each of the insert sets... that could be one heck of a mountain to climb. The basic insert sets should be easy enough to track down - but the buybacks - that's another story altogether!

I also received 6 short prints. To the best of my knowledge, I did not receive any photo variations and I know that there are a number of them.



Most - if not all - packs come with a mini card. Also included is a box topper box of 10 additional mini's.

I received 28 total unique minis. The mini cards seem to be numbered the same as the base set including the SP's to 350

Mini Parallels

3 purple mini's #ed to 250


Purple Framed


Mr. Cobb of the Rays #ed to 250


Walk off Winners -- 4x
Glove Stories - 4x
Power Alley -- 6x





Peter O'Brien
DJ LeMahieu

Both autos are on card, blue Sharpee autos!! Very good!!

Auto'd Relic

Jose Altuve #ed to 5

Very thick card with on card auto and what looks to be a sewn stripe on the relic. Sweet looking card!


Gypsy Queen seems to be an excellent issue again this year. The first time set collector should be easily pulled in to building the set. One should need 2-3 boxes to complete the base set and have a great start on the SP's.

Overall grade A

Go buy several boxes and send the Rays purple parallels and Rays mini's to me!



4.90 star(s)
Nice review Duane. That Altuve is one of the best looking cards I've seen. Wish I had some Rays firepower to offer for it.

Any chance you pulled a Corey Seager RC?



5.00 star(s)
Thanks for the review Duane. I have never been a fan of Gypsy Queen, and it doesn't look like I'll be starting this year. I hate that the product logo is bigger and easier to read then the players name. And don't get me started on their huge colored borders. On a positive note, the Relic you pulled looks really nice and I like the glove story and walk off inserts. I love when cards celebrate the team.