2016 Leaf Signature Series Wrestling Box 05/06/2016


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Product Description
Configuration: 1 pack per box. 8 cards per pack.

Leaf is pleased to launch what could be one of the most value driven releases in the history of wrestling trading cards, 2016 Leaf Signature Series Wrestling. This release not only features a very wide selection of wrestlers spanning a great many years, for the first time Leaf will be including RARE CUT SIGNATURES of some of the greatest wrestlers of all-time, including names never before seen on signed cards! Leaf's first full-size card release features compelling artwork coupled with great content. It's sure to be a winner with collectors and fans worldwide!


Subjects in this RARE CUT SIGNATURE set include:
- Andre The Giant
- Vince McMahon
- Owen Hart
- Earthquake
- Dick The Bruiser
- Ravishing Rick Rude
- Randy Savage
- Hercules
- The Original Sheik
- Swede Hanson
- Crybaby Cannon
- Gary Hart
- Oliver Humperdink
- Grizzly Smith
- Lord Alfred Hayes

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