Review 2016 Major League Soccer

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2016 Major League Soccer

24 packs - 6 cards per pack
2 autos and 1 jumbo memorabilia card per box

I received these:

162 unique base cards - 81% of the base set and 3 duplicates... pretty good!

2016 MLS is a great base set for the US soccer fan. With MLS expanding in the USA, and drawing relatively large crowds, (here in O'do nearly 40k attend games!) it is apparent that 'futbol' is here to stay.

2016 MLS is in the same genre as the base set of Topps baseball. The cards are printed on similar stock, the front is glossy with full bleed action photos -- although, I did not see any cards with a player flopping.... what is up with that? Should one want to get one graded, corners and edges could be sensitive to dings. There are a number of cards - the last 20 in the set - dedicated to the individual teams.

Soccer fans, many of whom are rabid (my son being one), should enjoy collating this set or at the minimum - collecting each player card from their favorite team. 2 boxes should be sufficient to make the base set and receive some extras of the following goodies:




4 Blue #ed to 99
2 Orange #ed to just 25

7 All-Star
4 Presence of the Pitch
3 Rivals

Jumbo Relic

Clint Dempsey - green #ed to 55


Teal Bunbury #ed to 350
Christian Maidana - green #ed to 50

Both are sticker blue Sharpee autos - as they should be on this base set.

2016 MLS is a great starter set for set builders - not so much for the parallel collectors.. Having said that, there are a number of parallels, blue, green, red, and printing plates and if I am not mistaken, they are numbered!!

Overall grade A

Go buy a box or 3 - see if you get a printing plate of your favorite MLS star!

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5.00 star(s)
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Hi Duane -
Thanks for the review. 40k is impressive attendance.

My co-worker is a huge Dempsey fan, please see my trade list to see if there is something I can swap for it.

Thank you!