2016 Panini Playbook Football Cards

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Still relatively unique in the hobby, 2016 Panini Playbook Football is a hit-centered release with a fixation on booklet cards. Likely a familiar sight for NFL collectors as the brand has seen consistent production for several years, collectors can find one book in every box along with an additional hit card.
With just three cards per box, the base set is hardly the main focus but it remains relevant as it occupies 1/3 of each box. Still, the hits*are what draws interest to 2016 Panini Playbook Football and the product*has several.
Mixing relics and autographs, 2016 Panini Playbook Football booklets come in multiple*forms and average one per box. Rookie Playbook Jersey Autographs*showcase the 2016 draftees and*Playbook Material Autographs include multiple memorabilia swatches and a signature. The rookie-centered books also has Glove Logo, NFL Shield and Nike Swoosh parallels.*Front 4 Jersey Signatures Booklets up that to a quad format with both autographs and relics.
Although book cards are a main feature of 2016 Panini Playbook Football, and part of the product's name, standard hit cards also drop in every box. Among these are Coaches Quotes Autographs and Slant Signatures for individual players as well as Play Action Autographs that offer multiple signers on one card. Split 6 Signatures is another multi-signed option.
Lastly, relics get special treatment in 2016 Panini Playbook Football*inserts such as Armory multi-swatch, Mammoth Material and Red Zone.*Continuing with the book cards, Face 2 Face combines two players on the same card with relics for each while Passport Book contains two oversized memorabilia pieces*for the same player. There are also Rookie Jumbo Memorabilia Booklets and Playbook Booklet Materials to track down.
Estimated Release Date: 10/5/2016
Product Configuration:*3 cards per pack, 1*pack per box, 15 boxes per case
2016 Panini Playbook*Football*Box Break
1 Booklet (Autograph or Relic)
1 Additional Hit*(Autograph or Relic)
1 Base Card