2016 Playoff Football

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Hi All,
Busted a couple hobby boxes with my son for Christmas... the first time I've bought football hobby boxes.

First box was pretty average but the 2nd box had great hits...

2016 Playoff Rookie Autographs Kickoff # 4 Ezekiel Elliott, Cowboys, #07/49
2016 Playoff Rookie Autographs, # 53, Kenny Clark, Packers #011/199

2016 Playoff Rookie Stallions JERSEY, HH, Hunter Henry, Chargers, #066/149
2016 Playoff Headlines JERSEY, EB, Eric Berry, Chiefs

2016 Playoff Thunder and Lightning 4th Down, BG, Tom Brady, Patriots, #02/10
2016 Playoff Star Gazing Kickoff, RW, Russell Wilson, Seahawks, #120/199

2016 Playoff 1st Down, 213, Laremy Tunsil, Dolphins, #45/99
2016 Playoff 2nd Down, 180 DeSean Jackson, Redskins, #08/49

2016 Playoff Kickoff, 183, Jim Kelly, Bills, #089/199
2016 Playoff Kickoff, 105, Teddy Bridgewater, Vikings, #138/199
2016 Playoff Kickoff, 212, Sheldon Rankins, Saints, #113/199




Various Inserts:

Class Reunion:
Dez Bryant/Demaryius Thomas; Marino/Elway; Curtis Martin/Terrell Davis; Stafford/Clay Matthews; Emmitt Smith/Shannon Sharpe

Air Command:
Luck; Rodgers; Palmer; Brees; Cutler; Cousins

Boss Hoggs:
Adrian Peterson; Devonta Freeman; David Johnson; Doug Martin; Ezekiel Elliott; Eddy Lacy; Frank Gore; Jamaal Charles; Jeremy Langford; Lamar Miller; LaGarette Blount

Star Gazing:
Luck; Adrian Peterson; Devonta Freeman; Bortles; Jamaal Charles; Edelman; Mariota; Odell Beckham; Russell Wilson

Thunder & Lightning;
Brady/Gronk; Carr/Cooper; Luck/Hilton; Von Miller/Demarcus Ware; Matt Ryan/Julio Jones; Rodgers/Nelson

If you are looking for base or base RCs, let me know who/what/team you seek.

All for trade... looking for comparable Steelers, Panthers, Larry Fitzgerald in return.
Would also look at baseball... check the links in my signature for my interests.

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I will take the card I sent you back or something comparable since my end shows sent and received back in April last year thanks


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Yes, baseball is always an option!

I'm interested in this-
2016 Playoff Thunder and Lightning 4th Down, BG, Tom Brady, Patriots, #02/10

I have this Thome not on your havelist-
2007 Upper Deck premier remnants quad gold "1B25" /25 #pr4-jt