2016 Starter Sets?

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Oct 3, 2014
Missoula Montana
Is there anyone interested in any of the following starter sets?

2016 Topps
2016 Topps Heritage
2016 Topps Opening Day

Here is an example of the great deals.
2016 TOPPS HERITAGE SERIES 1 (1-425) - This is for 432 cards BV is $224. This is not a set, but is a great start (57% complete) and will have lots of duplicates to trade/sell for your set needs. This lot has rookies/stars (schwarber, conforto, bryant, turner, duffy). The main thing I am worried about is shipping. How about $12 plus shipping? You are paying 5% of BV

Please only serious inquiries. I am not looking to give this away. This is a great opportunity for someone who enjoys 2016 Topps Heritage.

PM me for details or inquiries on other starter sets.
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