2016 Topps Heritage FT

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5.00 star(s)
I have about 800 base cards to trade. LMK what you need. Detailed trade list below.
I am not doing anything with heritage this year except trading it. I would consider
trading for Clubhouse Collection Relic cards.
I have plenty of wants on my home page.


1967 buybacks
117 Darrell Brandon (red Sox)
190 Turk Farrell (Astros)
340 Joe Pepitone (Yankees)
THC-390 George Springer /999
THC-463 Josh Hamilton Ref /567
132 Ichiro action variation
NAP GS Giancarlo Stanton
NAP NS Noah Syndergaard
Then & Now BS Jim Bunning/Max Scherzer
News Flashback NF-PW Presley Wedding

163 Dodgers Thompson/Montas
164 Reds Sampson/Waldrop
165 Indians Armstrong/Soto
166 Rockies Gray/Murphy
168 NL rookie stars Peraza/Seager (2)
171 Yankees Bird/Pazos (2)
172 Athletics Dull/Blair
173 Phillies Eickhoff/Murray
174 Padres Jankowski/Decker
175 AL rookie stars Marte/Hicks
176 Rays Shaffer/Maile (2)
177 AL rookie stars Sanchez/Mondesi
178 AL rookie stars Owens/Alvarez
179 Diamondbacks Godley/Brito
181 NL rookie stars Conforto/Nola (2)
182 AL rookie stars Duffey/Jackson (2)
183 NL rookie stars Sweeney/Piscotty
187 Giants Brown/Williamson
188 NL rookie stars Severino/Tartamella
190 AL rookie stars Severino/Sano (3)
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