2016 Topps Opening Day Chicago Cubs Wantlist

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5.00 star(s)
Here is my 2016 Topps Opening Day Cubs wantlist. No trade is to small.

Base - OD46 Edwards Jr., OD65 Rondon, OD95 Lester, OD121 Russell, OD195 Arrieta
Variation - OD17B Bryant Celebrating, OD47B Schwarber Celebrating
Autographs - ODAJHM Hammel, ODAKB Bryant, ODAKS Schwarber
Blue Foil - OD17, OD20, OD46, OD47, OD65, OD95, OD121, OD195
Mascots - M8 Clark
Purple Foil - OD17, OD20,OD46, OD47, OD65, OD95, OD121, OD195
Relics - ODRAR Rizzo
Stars - ODS8 Bryant
Striking Distance - SD10 Lackey
Superstar Celebrations - SC5 Arrieta