2016 Topps Warcraft Trading Cards Box 04/06/2016

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5.00 star(s)
Product Description
Configuration: 24 packs per box. 7 cards per pack.


Extensive 180 card set
- (100) Base Cards highlighting the film's key moments NEW!
- (18) Character Cards featuring the film's most important characters NEW!
- (63) 7 Different Inserts exploring the rich Warcraft universe in greater depth NEW!
- Races & Creature Cards: 9 cards exploring the main species in the film
- Groups & Clan Cards: 9 cards showcasing the major alliances on Azeroth
- Weapon Cards: 9 of the most deadly weapons used in combat
- One-On-One Combat Cards: 9 of the best fights from the film
- Battle Cards: 9 cards exploring in depth the most important battles in the war on Azeroth
- The Magic of Azeroth Cards: 9 cards showing different ways magic is utilized
- HOBBY EXCLUSIVE Character Concept Art Cards: 9 cards showcasing the gorgeous artwork created in developing the film's characters

4 levels of chase add depth to the base set
- Alliance Blue Parallel (1:4)
- Horde Red Parallel (1:24)
- Mage Light Blue Parallel (numbered to 10 per subject)
- Forge Gold Parallel (numbered 1 per subject)

Hits add value for collectors and fans who want to own a piece of the Warcraft Universe!
- Autographs: Signatures from the top cast and crew from the film
- Dual Autographs: Autograph cards showcasing two separate signatures
- HOBBY EXCLUSIVE Triple Autographs: Featuring three separate signatures
- Autographed Printing Plates: Printing plates used to create the cards, with signed autograph stickers
- Relic Cards: Pieces of the props, scenery and costumes used in the making of the film! Sequentially numbered with parallels!
- Autograph Relic Cards: Cast autographs with pieces of the props, scenery and costumes! Sequentially numbered with parallels!
- First-Ever Commemorative Faction Flag Patch Cards features the three most important groups in the Warcraft universe!

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