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2017 topps series I - two jumbo boxes

David K.

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How about the 16 donruss trout #83 and the 14 donruss pujols #95 in a pwe? If that works, post it up and will mail out on Thursday.

they are working that drill every practice. tough to get them to slow down in a game while being chased. try to explain that a nice jump stop will get them under control and almost guarantee they will make the basket or get fouled or make the basket AND get fouled.

If it works for you, works for me, but how about I throw in a mauer salute card to even it up a bit. Thanks.

Okay....Okay to post the trade for us. Best regards, David


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I'm not sure if you've traded any away, but what would be dlvd. price for these Twins?

'87-Buxton, Gold-Rosario, Rainbow Foil-Sano, Salute-Mauer, Bowman Then & Now-Mauer, Rediscover Topps 1980-Powell, and the Sano JSY. Plus any base you may have. LMK, thanks.


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Hi -

Do you still have the Galvis #ed card? If so, check out my site and let me know if anything interests you. Thanks!!



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Staff member
Fully updated for trades.

Looking to pickup the last two MLB Network inserts that I need - 1 & 9.

Anyone looking to close out insert sets prior to Series II releasing in a couple weeks - let me know what you need!