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Hey Gang -

I am looking to polish off my 2018 Archives set. I need 7 of the Rookie History inserts - 5 of them are SPs. I know those are tough. Here is what I need:

Harper, Jeter (SP), Thomas, Aaron (SP), Ichiro (SP), Clemente (SP) and Koufax (SP)

I have these from this insert set to trade:
Kershaw, Winfield (061/150), Koufax (075/150)

Also from this set I have some base to trade and these other inserts:
Sandlot - Tommy Timmons, Hercules
Coming Attractions - Hoskins, Rosario
Future Stars - Yankees (Torres/Frazier/Andujar)
Purple parallel (#/175) - 19 Meadows, 42 Dozier, 257 Renfroe
Silver Parallel (#/99) - 179 Myers, 207 Gohara, 291 Carpenters
Blue Parallel (#/25) - 245 Irvin

If those don't work for you, LMK what you are looking for and I will see what I can find.