2018 topps silver difference


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i picked a couple up for the 1983 design and it seems they have a different background a
one looks like a plain chrome design
another looks like a refractor
and the third has a different background design not like the refractor

none are s# numbered and regular card #'s 1,2,3...etc

so are they just considered silver pack chrome?

thanks in advance


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They made a couple different sets.

2018 Topps Chrome '83 Topps Refractors (these were inserts in the 2018 Topps Chrome)

2018 Topps '83 Topps Silver Pack Chrome (These are from 2018 Topps series 1,2 and update)

The numbering is different for each set.

Can you post pics of the 3 cards you have?


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The Silver Pack Chrome cards have regular numbers. The Chrome inserts are 83T-xx.

If I recall correctly, the Series 1 Silver Pack cards looked more basic Refractorish, while the later ones were more Mega Box design-esque refractorish.

But if it's got a regular number and not 83T before it, they're Silver Pack.