2019 Optic Blaster-Decent


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5.00 star(s)
Stopped by Target on the way home and they had one Optic Blaster left, so I picked it up. I believe I did okay with it.

Pink Bonus
76 Newman RR Pit 138 Bote Cubs 181 Snell Rays Cy Young AL

Pack 1
43 Tucker HOU RR 132 Berrios MN 189 Encarnacion SEA
Action All Stars AA-15 Lindor CLE

Pack 2
64 Guerrero RR TOR Big Grin 121 Judge NYY 178 Kershaw LAD
The Rookies TR5 Sheffield SEA

Pack 3
10 Merrifield DK KC 108 Realmuto PHL 163 Stanton NYY
Illusions OI-8 Soto WAS

Pack 4
6 Ramirez DK CLE 136 Syndergaard NYM 193 Pujols LAA
Highlights H9 Betts BOS

Pack 5
82 Alonso RR NYM 118 Lindor CLE 175 Freeman ATL
Peak Performers PP-7 Edwin Diaz NYM

Pack 6
71 Ortiz BAL 147 Molina STL
77 Kikuchi RR SEA Silver Prizm
Rated Rookie Signature Brad Keller KC

No numbered cards Sad One on card auto Two top Rookies decent players on insert...Pretty happy with box.