2019 Prizm Draft Picks


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Stopped by the LCS to pick up some penny sleeves and since everything in 2020 is so over priced, picked up a box of 2019 Prizm draft. 5 packs...8 cards...1 auto and 3 Prizm per packs. Opened four and now opening pack 5, then will put the other four packs together.

Packs 5
Well...flipped the last three cards, so the auto will be the last I get to...so, card 1
2019 Panini Prizm Draft Picks
Prizms Gold Vinyl #83 Brady McConnell 4/5 Royal 2nd Round
Prizms Blue #93 Adley Rutschman PIT 1st Overall
Prizms Silver #97 Anthony Volpe NYY 1st 30th
#27 Zack Thompson STL 1st 19th
#85 Greg Jones TBR 1st 22nd
#91 Zach Watson BAL 3rd LSU
41 J.J. Goss TBR 1st
Autographs Prizms #24 Alek Manoah TOR 1st 11th

Autographs Prizms Mojo #51 Nasim Nunez 15/49 MIA 2nd
Autographs Prizms #70 Joshua Mears SDP 2nd
Autographs Prizms Red White and Blue #88 Dominic Fletcher 51/99 ARI 2nd Brother of David Fletcher
Autographs Prizms #123 Robert Puason OAK Intl FA MLB 4th best

Prizms Mojo #52 Gunnar Henderson 1/49 Bal 2nd

Everything else common colors and base
Nice looking cards. Bob


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I'd be interested in this if it is for trade.

Autographs Prizms #123 Robert Puason OAK Intl FA MLB 4th best

lmk thanks


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Well, any Tatis, Paddack, Gore auks? LMK Bob

I don't have any autos of those guys but I do have these if interested.

2019 Topps '84 Topps All Star Relics #ASRTG Tony Gwynn
2019 Topps 150th Anniversary Manufactured Medallions 150th Anniversary #AMMTG Tony Gwynn #64/150
2019 Topps Base Set Legend Variations #514 Tony Gwynn
2018 Topps Pro Debut Distinguished Debut Medallions Gold #DDMG MacKenzie Gore #35/50