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2019 Topps Archives...Beware of opened boxes


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As I was in the old homestead area and stopped at All Star Cards. I let Michelle, my super picker, pick the box. Opened the first pack in the parking lot and pulled a Fiftieth Anniversary of the Montreal Expos Auto of Jeff Fassero 1/50. I took the pack back in to show Michelle and her Dad Jerry, who owns the shop. They both like the card, but Michelle said that it seems all the autos are on the top row of packs.
Sure, enough, Second pack I pulled a Silver auto 38/99 of Los Angeles Dodgers pitching coach Rick Honeycutt in an Oakland A's Uniform.

So, be warn, if anyone online offers you like half a box of Archives packs that haven't been searched. Sure...but you can bet you're not getting any packs from the Top Row!

So, I've only the two packs, cause I know there aren't anymore autos in there! Because i haven't heard of Topps having hot boxes.
Haven't had time to see if there is any thing worth opening the rest for.

Pack 1
9 Chance Adams NYY RC 35 Bo KC 183 T Anderson CWS 194 Yelich MIL 203 O'Hearn 210 G Brett KC HOF 220 T Raines Expo HOF

Pack 2
25 Kiruchi SEA RC 58 Borucki TOR RC 117 F Arcia Cubs RC 125 Mariano NYY HOF 141 Toussant ATL RC 260 J Bell PIT 279 O Arcia MIL

Okay I will open two more. the other two top ones...don't know why I'd bother...oh wait....Jr and the Express and the aged fat boy who played for the Expos and hit the only homer of his career when he 44 or something.

Pack 3
28 Mr October NYY HOF 90 AROD SEA? at 19 128 Junior SEA HOF 130 N Ryan HOU HOF 171 Eloy CWS RC 284 Mazara TEX 298 Canning LAA RC MTL-BC Bartolo Colon last active player to ever wear an Expos uniform

Pack 4
30 Cano NYM 70 Candelario DET 184 Jansen TOR RC 200 Harper PHL 233 Dizzy STL HOF 255 Matthews MIL/ATL HOF 258 Smoltz ATL HOF 120 David Peralta AZ Purple 94/150

So 9 HOFs and 12 Rookies 2 on card autos Not Bad.
Thanks for looking


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When I bought the box at All Stars, they had a one day special of $65 a box. I called Sasquatch at work to see if he wanted one, also; so bought him one also. He opened the first four packs of his. In the first he got a Rey Ordonez base non-number auto, while in the second he got a blue auto #/25 of...former manager of the Hall of Fame Jeff Idelson. He also pulled a blue parallel of HOF pitcher Lefty Grove.

Any ways, here the next packs of mine.

Pack 5
4 Chavis BOS RC 67 Goose SD HOF 78 Aaron ATL HOF 129 Gallo TX 134 Belt SF 254 Kiefmaier TB 277 Spahn MIL HOF
'94 Future Stars #94FS9 Mike Piazza

Pack 6
33 Muncy LAD 68 Diaz NYM 188 Bellinger LAD 148 Sale BOS 272 Piazza NYM HOF 282 Tucker RC HOU 295 Yount MIL HOF
'94 Future Stars #94FS4 J Sheffield RC SEA

Pack 7
55 Posey HOF 47 Correa HOU 114 Wynn CLE HOF 139 Rickard BAL 163 Greene DET 288 Upton 293 Thor NYM
317 Mariano Rivera HL NYY

Pack 8
14 Vlad Jr RC TOR 69 Yadi STL 86 Manaea OAK 112 Franco PHL 138 Brinson 201 Ruth NYY HOF 298 J Ramirez CLE
Ichiro Retrospective #I7 Ichiro

Pack 9
6 Hoskins PHL 81 Bundy BAL 153 Bagwell HOU HOF 178 Munson NYY 211 J.D. BOS 245 Andujar NYY 287 DeJong STL
Ichiro Retrospective #I9 Ichiro SEA

Pack 10
45 Cepeda STL HOF 63 Suarez CIN 98 Bauers RC CLE 144 Hodges BKN 190 Newhouser DET HOF 243 Marichal SF HOF 247 Doerr BOS HOF
310 Mike Trout AS

Pack 11
2 Corbin 73 McCutchen PHL 113 Kepler MIN 131 Mondesi KC 146 Hendricks CHI 244 Hudson RC STL 300 Lindor CLE 327 Jake Bauers RC CLE

Pack 12
42 Desmond COL 79 S. Castro MIA 92 Treinen 140 Kieboom RC WAS 167 Pham TB 181 Judge NYY 247 Bogaerts BOS 294 Hamilton

Pack 13
1 Jeter NYY 49 Dozier KC 155 Kopech RC CWS 160 James RC HOU 145 Matsui NYY 231 Kiner PIT HOF 239 Stretch SF HOF 325 Urias RC SD

Pack 14
27 Biggio RC TOR 51 Mr. Not October LAD 143 Odor 170 Encarnacion NYY 227 Rickey 250 Clemente PIT HOF 256 Killebrew MIN HOF 309 Freeman ATL

Pack 15
5 Andrus TX 12 Renfroe SD 105 Olson OAk 123 Longoria SF 223 Aguilar MIL 249 Mize STL HOF 252 Santana CLE 208 Aaron Sanchez TOR Silver 38/99

Pack 16
88 Chipper ATL HOF 97 Gibson STL HOF 110 Duplainter RC AZ 116 Boyd DET 205 Alonso 236 Miggy DET 253 Nola PHL 314 Soto

The Rest latter today...since it's 330 in the AM...and should have box of Bowman Chrome to open.


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It's been a while since I bought multiple boxes of the same product, But I have had the same experience. When opening the first box, I take note of where the hits are located in the box. Then when opening the second box, I go to the location of the hits and there they are. The hits located in the same position of the box for both boxes. That was at least ten years ago, but I first discovered this in 1992 with Fleer all star inserts. The inserts appeared in all 4 packs of the xth row of the box. I really thught by 2019 that they would have fixed this by now.


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On we go....more Hall of Famers and the same insert card brand in all four packs...I guess I got almost the pick of that litter.

Pack 17
20 Snider BKN 54 Urias RC SD 175 Helton COL soon HOF 176 Feller (Abbott: His name is Feller! Feller! Bob Fellers! And when I say they’re’s only one Fellers on the team, that’s it. And the feller that pitches is Feller. There’s only… there’s other fellers on the team, but they’re’s uh… they’re’s only one Feller.

Costello: Boy, are you mixed up! Oh, you mean the feller that pitches is Feller and they’re’s other fellers on the team but they’re not Fellers.

Abbott: Now you grasp it!

Costello: Yes! I grasp it, but it keeps slipping out of my hand!) Haven't heard watch on youtube.
164 IRod TEX HOF 241 Dansby ATL 246 Reyes CLE Topps Magazine #TM2 Jacob deGrom

Pack 18
64 Larsen NYY 95 Whlhelm CWS HOF 120 Peralta AZ 122 Koufax LAD HOF 127 Bunning DET HOF 267 C Seager LAD 280 Markasis ATL
Topps Magazine #TM1 Trout LAA

Pack 19
5 Rizzo CHI 83 Trout LAA 93 Tucker RC HOU 135 Pillar SF 161 Simmons LAA 209 Manny SD 290 Mullins RC BAL
Topps Magazine #TM4 Wizard of Oz STL HOF

Pack 20
29 Vlad Sr LAA HOF 62 Grove PHL A's HOF 89 Whitey NYY HOF 157 Blackmon COL 165 Mathewson NYG HOF 215 Speaker CLE HOF 264 Mattingly NYY
Topps Magazine #TM5 Junior SEA.

I got my two boxes of 2019 BC. Opening 1 and putting the other in the vault!

Thanks looking, Bob


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Last for packs...
Pack 21
26 Verlander HOU 54 K Seager SEA 94 Gleyber NYY 119 Soto 192 DJ Stewart BAL 202 Allard 207 Trea T WAS 301 Judge NYY

Pack 22
39 Reese BKN HOF 44 #42 BKN HOF 66 Carew MN HOF 107 B Williams NYY 115 Cain MIL 118 Maris NYY 283 Crawford SF 297 Clemens BOS 326 Sheffield SEA

Pack 23
7 Robbie A CLE HOF 31 Laureano OAK 189 Scooter NYY HOF 191 Hosmer SD 221 Sheffield RC SEA 269 Wilson ATL 285 Big Papi BOS 320 Acuna ATL

Pack 24
46 Berrios MN 96 Giolito CWS 119 Soto 149 Big Hurt CWS HOF 192 Stewart RC BAL 213 Qunantril RC SD 236 Votto CIN 263 Adames TB 301 Judge NYY

I guess I did okay. On the base set...7 of my 8 base set are part of the top 8 BV and 8 of the SPs