2019 topps holiday relic needed

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have been looking for this card for awhile and only seen the metalic version on ebay. have asked for it and any information on facebook groups but no success. can anyone help here??

2019 topps holiday nolan arenado relic here is link for reference:

last one for relics set, i still need some sp's and metallics if anyone can help with those, here is list of what i still need:

2019 topps holiday:

-metallic: 6 12 26 33ohtani 48 60 67 71alonso 73 87pujols 94 95 96 99w.smith 108 109 126tatis 148judge 162 167v.guerrero 171 188

-SSSP’s (65): ohtani/sno, rizzo/s hat, Kershaw/sno, trout/santa, ohtani/belt, Hoskins/santa, Alonso/stock, lindor/sbelt, pujols/neck, macado/sno, posey/santa, baez/flak, springer/skates, tatis/neck, verlander/s ball, correa/s hat, Molina/s ball, judge/eye, altuve/eye, guerrero/glove, harper/bat, Bryant/santa

looking to trade for these, thanks in advance.
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