2019 topps mystery redemption redemption cards ( who might they be ?? )


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Hi !! Recently got a 2019 mystery Rookie Auto Redemption card in a Break. Seems there is an "A" & a "B" . Does anyone have ANY idea who they might be ??
THANKS !!!! I WON THE " B " . Waiting patiently for it from break. Once it is redeemed , its supposed to take 15 LONG weeks . But you know TOPPS !!


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I pulled the "A" from my jumbo box. They sell really well!

It will be a rookie that is called up at some point early in the season or a rookie that doesn't have a card in 2019 series 1 Topps. I'm hoping mine will be Vlad Guerrero Jr.!!! It's also possible it could end up being that Japanese pitcher that the Mariners signed.

Good luck. Hope you get some one good.