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2019 Topps Walmart Holiday FT


5.00 star(s)
Interested in trading for
2019 Topps Walmart Holiday Short Print Variations #HW175 Gary Sanchez--Red Scarf
2019 Topps Walmart Holiday Short Print Variations #HW182 Gleyber Torres--Wrist Band
Have these Braves if you can find enough for a trade
2019 Topps
35th Anniversary #84R-BW Bryse Wilson
35th Anniversary #84AS-OA Albies 84AS-TG Glavine
150th GOLD #587 Camargo #557 Duvall
Topps GOLD #385 Inciate (0536/2019)
Topps FOIL #467 Minter
Stadium Club Emperors of the Zone #EZ-9 Smoltz
2019 Diamond Kings #16 Acuna,Jr

Jack still waiting on Beckett to update the Holiday cards with BV's. Also mainly looking for Acuna for them, so hang onto the Acuna Diamond King card.
I will get back to you once Beckett updates everything.