2020-2021 Insert Set Needs - all brands

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You actually traded me the T65-26 Mookie Betts last week - still in the mail lol. If you want to wait a week I'm going to need whatever 2022 inserts you'll have to trade.
No..I'm okay with removing that one....two for one trade. One twin card for the trade....besides this is topps...and there have been so many delays. Best regards, David

Are you interested in a 2015 Elite All-Star Salutes Glen Perkins?

Are you interested in a 2015 Elite All-Star Salutes Glen Perkins?
Works for me! Okay to post it for us...pwe is okay. If you don't have the time. Let me know and I'll be glad to post it for us. Best regards, David PS Getting two jumbos and one hobby box.
I have Cody Bellinger highlites 10 and 26. Do you have any 86 topps series 2 or update for trade?
Or 21 A & G 117 and 336? plmk
David, I posted it up, thanks!


I can use them. I don't have any base but I have some inserts. If you want take a look at my trade pages in my signature and let me know if there's anything you can use.

Will you trade me 86 Topps Update 44 Carl Yaz and a card of your choice for the 2 Bellinger Highlights?
plmk of go ahead and post.
Should have these but have to pull them first:
Torres Gleeyber 2020 Dia Kings Aff A-15 1.50
Maris Roger 2020 Dia Kings I/T/Z INT-04 1.25
Musial Stan 2020 Dia Kings 3000 3000-07 2.00
Pujols Albert 2020 Dia Kings 3000 3000-12 1.50
DeGrom Jacob 2020 Optic Illusions OI-01 1.50
Cabrera Miguel 2020 Optic Stain Glass SG-04 1.00
Henderson Rickey 2020 Topps '85 85-077 .75
Heyward Jason 2020 Allen&G D/T/R DTR-12 .75
Gray Sonny 2020 St. Club E/O/Z EOZ-05 2.50
Looking for these:
2015 Elite Gold Stars #25 Don Mattingly 2.50
2021 Topps Home Run Challenge #HRC-23 Fernando Tatis Jr., 8.00
1994 Upper Deck Collector's Choice Silver Signature #16 Manny Ramirez 2.00

PLMK when you can.

Thanks, Bob

Sorry I'm not getting emails from the bench all of a sudden. Just happened to check in. That looks fine. Let me know, thanks!
bump - back to the top with lists updated - just as important as finding cards I need right now is trading/selling some dupes - I picked up a full box worth of inserts and parallel dupes over the past few weeks and I'm hoping to trade some away - if you don't see anything here please visit my complete wantlists in my signature (don't look at the 20-21's listed there as my website gets updated much less frequently) and let me know what you have and what you're looking for in return.