2020 Bowman Platinum Second Mega Box


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Opening the second Mega Box of 2020 Bowman Platinum, which has 1 Auto and 2 Chartreuse Parallels cards. I had this on eBay for a couple months without any takers. So, pulling it off and using it to setup the video on my new computer.
Set to break at 7 P.M. tonight at https://studio.youtube.com/video/F4ZZLS5moUA/livestreaming.
If all goes well, will have a group break of one box of 2021 Topps Jumbo (1 auto and 2 relics), along with the hobby box of 2020 Prizm draft (5 autos) and two Mega (1 auto each.)
Would appreciate any comments or critiques.
Thanks, Bob