2020 Prizm Draft Picks Pretty Good Box


5.00 star(s)
Not much of a prospect hunter, but I do believe I did pretty good!

2 Tamsin Topolski Baltimore Orioles in the 1st round (2nd)
15 Mick Abel Philadelphia Phillies in the 1st round (15th)
29 Bobby Miller Los Angeles Dodgers in the 1st round (29th)
41 Ben Hernandez Kansas City Royals in the 2nd round
44 Jared Jones Pirates
57 Ian Seymour Tampa Bay Rays in the 2nd round
60 Landon Knack Los Angeles Dodgers in the 2nd round
72 Alex Santos Texas Rangers 2nd round
84 Bryce Bonnin Cincinnati Reds in the 3rd round
86 tekoah roby Texas Rangers in the 3rd round
104 jake eder Miami Marlins in the 4th round
112 Kade Mechals Chicago White Sox in the 4th round
115 Dylan MacLean Texas Rangers in the 4th round
132 Colton Keith Detroit Tigers in the 5th round
145 Triston McKenzie Cleveland Indians in the 1st round (42nd) 2015
155 Jeff Hakanson Tampa Bay Rays in the 5th round
158 Kala'i Rosario Minnesota Twins in the 5th round
161 Jordan Mikel Chicago White Sox
186 Petey Halpin Fireworks Cleveland Indians in the 3rd round
TH8 Milan Tolentino Thunderstruck Cleveland Indians in the 4th round
Base Prizm
35 Drew Romo Silver Colorado Rockies in the 1st round (35th)
59 Alerick Soularie Silver Minnesota Twins in the 2nd round
78 Kaden Polcovich Silver Seattle Mariners in the 3rd round
133 Carter Baumler Silver Baltimore Orioles in the 5th round
178 Zac Veen Silver Fireworks Colorado Rockies in the 1st round (9th)
Wave & Holo Prizm Base
12 Austin Hendrick Blue Cincinnati Reds in the 1st round (12th)
38 Dillon Dingler Red Wave Detroit Tigers in the 2nd round
69 Isaiah Greene Blue Wave New York Mets in the 2nd round
141 Adam Seminaris Red Los Angeles Angels in the 5th round
151 Hayden Cantrelle Red Wave Milwaukee Brewers in the 5th round
Numbered Prizm
170 Garrett Mitchell 72/99 Tiger Stripes Milwaukee Brewers in the 1st round (20th)
56 Logan Allen 57/99 Tiger Stripes Tampa Bay Rays in the 14th round
26 Tyler Soderstrom 65/75 Lime Green Oakland Athletics in the 1st round (26th)
66 Tekoah Roby 19/75 Lime Green Texas Rangers in the 3rd round
109 Levi Thomas 4/50 Neon Orange San Diego Padres in the 4th round
A-HIC Hyun-Il Choi No# Los Angeles Dodgers
96 Hunter Barnhart 9/50 Neon Orange Tampa Bay Rays in the 3rd round
5 Austin Martin 22/23 Neon Lime Toronto Blue Jays in the 1st round (5th)
121 Joey Wiemer 2/20 Neon Orange Milwaukee Brewers in the 4th round
43 Zach DeLoach 6/17 Power Plaid Seattle Mariners in the 2nd round


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