2020 Topps Heritage Juan Soto SP Contest (WINNER IS CHAMPS387)

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Entry to the contest closed March 14th. The product is scheduled to be released March 26. WINNER IS CHAMPS387

This will be the usual guess the number, The number you want to guess is the card number that Juan Soto will have in the 2021 Topps Heritage release; This is the Heritage series that is scheduled for release on March 26. Closest guess wins. For a tie breaker state if Mike Trout will be a SP in that release. Sorry, I will not be keeping track of the number. Must have 10 or more Bench transactions.

EDIT: The deadline to enter the contest is March 14 at midnight US Central time. Or sooner if the checklist is released. On the Trout SP question, I am talking about being a SP of the set, I'm not concerned about variations. Thanks. Dave

Edit: The release date has been delayed until March 26. There are no changes to the entry date for this contest.

Edit: Only one entry for the life of this contest. If anyone sees a double entry please converse with me.

Winner is announced. Prize is posted.
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