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2020 Topps Update 1985 35th (Not from the silver packs) for trade! Okay for Moderator to lock this thread!


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These are the ones I still need. Let me see if I pulled any Twins in the box I just opened. We can set up a trade once I know for sure what I have in addition to the two golds.
  • Cody Bellinger Dodgers
  • Jackie Robinson Dodgers
  • Ernie Banks Cubs
    • Thurman Munson Yankees
    • Derek Jeter Yankees
    • Eddie Murray Orioles
    • Ryan Howard Phillies
    • Dwight Gooden Mets
  • Tim Raines Expos
  • Jesus Luzardo A's
  • Bo Bichette Blue Jays RC
  • Bryce Harper Phillies
  • Willie Mays Giants
  • Tim Lincecum Giants


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well crap. I have had the worst luck pulling Twins cards lately. No Twins inserts in my Jumbo box and only two base duplicates. I'll include the Twins cards along with the 2 Golds. I don't know BVs on any of the Update cards so whatever works on your end from the above list for the two golds will work for me. If you can set it up, I'll confirm.
I can also give you a list of the other inserts pulled in case you can use any as trade bait. Just let me know.


David K.

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Sorry...most of those are gone.....I have theses from the list: Bo Bichette Rc, Ryan Howard, Dwight Gooden, Jackie Robinson and Tim Raines. .......I have these from recent break: Yosh Tsutsugo Rays RC, Ken Griffey Jr, Shogo Akiyama reds RC and Willie McCovey.... and the two gold work for all of the above 85th. Let me know. Happy Holidays, David
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