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Looking to trade these 2021 Donruss (Fat Pack) for PC needs:

Diamond Kings:
5 Rafael Devers - Boston Red Sox
19 Pete Alonso - New York Mets"
Rated Rookies:
38 Nate Pearson - Toronto Blue Jays
50 Triston McKenzie - Cleveland Indians
54 Deivi Garcia - New York Yankees"
101 Walker Buehler - Los Angeles Dodgers
116 Brian Anderson - Miami Marlins
131 Jose Ramirez - Cleveland Indians
145 Salvador Perez - Kansas City Royals
158 Dustin May - Los Angeles Dodgers
173 Bryce Harper - Philadelphia Phillies
197 Dominic Smith - New York Mets
Retro 1987:
237 Pedro Martinez – Boston Red Sox
239 Sammy Sosa - Chicago Cubs
261 Greg Maddux - Chicago Cubs"
Variations: 155 Brandon Lowe - Tampa Bay Rays (Nickname – Bamm-Bamm)
79 Josh Donaldson - The MINI-APPLE Red Holo"
Parallels: DOM13 Xander Bogaerts – Red Sox Dominators Vector
227 Larry Walker – Colorado Rockies Red Parallel /2021 Retro 1987
89 Kevin Gausman - San Francisco Giants Red Holo
190 Adalberto Modesi – Kansas City Red Holo"
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David K.

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I could use the A-rod ....I have theses in trade: 1986 35th Aaron Judge Yankees from 2021 topps,2020 #1 prospect Yankees Clarke Schmidt, 2021 HR challenge unused Stanton Yankees, 2021 topps gold Zack Britton Yankees 0497/2021 card 254, 2021 Topps silver or rainbow Brett Gardner and Zach Britton....let me know. Best regards, David


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David - The A-Rod is yours and post it as a freebie (PWE?) and I'll try to get it in the mail today. I'm starting a new project by trying to get at least one card (Topps flagship sets only) of every MLB player on each active rosters. I already know it will be a challenge but it will keep me involved in following each team as roster moves are made. I may need to bend my guidelines (e.g. Clarke Schmidt is not in any Topps flagship sets yet). So please hold the '2020 #1 prospect Yankees Clarke Schmidt' card for me for a possible future trade when I get organized. Thanks to you and other 'Benchies' I've been able to trade for a lot of flagship set needs including RCs over the years. Plus now vaccinated I've starting going to a local monthly card show so I will be able hit some missing needs. Best regards.


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k sure. I'm always up for trading for set needs and just trying to pay forward some recent freebies I've received.
Do you see anything else on my posts or trade list that you can use for a trade? I have a couple of posts for 2014 and 2017 set needs and I can always use a bunch of 2011 or 2012 Topps Update set help. Plus I would be interested in that Clarke Schmidt card. Thanks.