2021 Topps All-Star Rookie Cup 2 Box Break (FULL) 01/24/2022 COMPLETE


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Clemente, Hrbek Variations
Bench #'d 04/10
Franco #'d 32/50

2021 Topps All-Star Rookie Cup 2 Box Break
Each box contains 1 Pack of 10 cards.
Each Pack contains:
1 Autograph
1 All-Star Rookie Cup Variation
1 Parallel/Image Variation Parallel

Checklist found on post #2

20 total cards, so some teams will get skunked. Any team not selected will go to a random team who does not get a card. If you are COMPLETELY skunked on all your teams, I will mail you a small pwe package as a thanks for joining!

$250.00 Buy in, F&F. If you use G&S, there will be a 4% additional surcharge.

Orioles- $12 gwynn_fan paid
Red Sox- $10 Steelers8873 paid
Yankees- $15 Steelers8873 paid
Blue Jays- $5 Steelers8873 paid
Guardians/Indians- $10 gwynn_fan paid
Twins- $13 cornwellfamily paid
White Sox- $15 Steelers8873 paid
Tigers- $3 darkman paid
Angels- $20 Steelers8873 paid
Astros- $2 Therion paid
Rangers- $1 darkman paid
Mariners- $30 Steelers8873 paid
A's- $3 darkman paid
Nationals- $3 Molitor04x paid
Mets- $1 journeyman paid
Marlins- $20 Steelers8873 paid
Braves- $13 Molitor04x paid
Phillies- $2 Molitor04x paid
Cardinals- $15 dragonslayer913 paid
Cubs- $5 LarryG paid
Pirates- $5 darkman paid
Reds- $10 cornwellfamily paid
Brewers- $1 journeyman paid
Colorado - $2 LarryG paid
Dodgers- $10 grapler135s paid
Padres- $20 Steelers8873 paid
Diamondbacks- $1 darkman paid
Giants- $4 darkman paid

$0 remaining

KC Royals and Tampa Rays are excluded because they have no cards
Hi You sent the Murray, but I didn't get the Franco Gold! LMK Bob


5.00 star(s)
Hi You sent the Murray, but I didn't get the Franco Gold! LMK Bob
Yes I sent you a message in the trade manager indicating there were two separate envelopes coming.


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