2021 Topps Inserts for trade


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jordanrulz- I have both of those Mattingly cards but can use the Adell And the Gleyber Torres card

Not sure of BV's, do you have access to BV's
dont have an online guide just a print guide but doesnt have 2021 bvs in it.here are the others.interested in the silver packs first for my set.
2019 diamond kings squires adell #s13 $2.50
2019 topps topps now torres #tn-4 $2.00
2017 topps gallery masterpiece #mp-30 don mattingly #238/250 $12.00


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Gents, Sorry but I have been overwhelmed with work and refurb in my kitchen, Sorry for the delay

MGM37- Would rather trade for guys in my sig, LMK if you have anything avail

Jordanrulz- All I need is the Adell Squires

Mechjo16- The rainbows are 19-76-104-145-182-209-227-249
Also have gold foil rainbows as well: 23-168-196-204

LeonofNJ- If I had to guess I would say 8 a piece


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do you still need the mattingly?if so with the adell what can i get out of these.dont know the bvs.lmk
found these acuna
2019 topps a&g baseball star signs #bss-1
2019 topps 84 topps #t84-19
2020 topps gallery modern artist #mp-2
2021 topps 52 topps #t52-45

need these
topps Chrome silver pack cards
Sonny Gray 72
Luis Robert 75
Arauz 87
Will Clark 51

Platinum Players Die-Cut:
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