2022/23 Upper Deck

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Jan 25, 2008
Ok i'm going to try and put this set together so this is a post in progress i'll update as time allows..
Would really appreciate keeping trades in the states. I don't have much experience in over the border mailing and not sending .25 card for 3.50 postage. If we can get cards and postage to equal out there could be a chance.
Go to my wants page and you'll find a ton of wants from this set. Let's Trade!!!
Centre of Attention For Trade.. CA-2, CA-4, CA-7 x2, CA-17, CA-20, CA-25. CA-3 "GOLD".
Dazzlers "BLUE" For Trade.. DZ-3, DZ-21, CZ-24, DZ-21, DZ-25, DZ-26, DZ-34, DZ-48. DZ-36 "PINK", DZ-38 "PINK".
Defense Mechanism For Trade.. DM-1, DM-11, DM-14, DM-27, DM-28, DM-27 "GOLD".
Debut Dates For Trade.. DD-7. DD-14 "GOLD".
Honor Roll For Trade.. HR-6, HR-34 "RED"
Portraits For Trade.. P-6, P-26 x2.
Rookie Retrospective For Trade.. RR-13, RR-15 "GOLD".
Clear Cut For Trade.. #164 Hedman
High Gloss For Trade.. #133 Hart #ed 5/10
French For Trade.. #31 Toffoli, #53 Merzlikins.
Young Guns "FRENCH" #230 McBain, #250 Boldy/Rossi checklist. Trade for young guns i need only.
Young Guns "Canvas" #116
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