2022 Historic Autographs Retrograph 2 Baseball Box 07/06/2022

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The cost on purchasing a box is:

box $219.95
tax $13.75
Total $233.70

$46.74 per pack + my cost to mail a pack to 4 others.

I would round it off and say $50 per pack.

This is not a box break. Participants will receive one sealed pack.

Who is in at $50


Does anyone else want to commit?
I have ordered a box and 5 different people will get one sealed pack at $50.00. There are 5 packs in a box, so one is still available.

Members who are in:


one available
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Let me think about it.........When is the product due to hit? This is going to be a short week this week and next because of the 4th..........Mike
The release date is 7/6/22. I'm not sure when I will get them, but it should be within 3 days. Dave
To decide who gets which pack, I am asking those involved to pick a number 1 through 5. 1 getting the first pack out of the box etc. I will choose last.
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The eBay seller has the box in the mail. He has assigned a tracking number. One pack is still available at $50. or $47 if you have already bought one pack.
The delivery was quick. I have packs 2-3-4 in the mail to you and the transactions have been updated with the confirmation number. I opened packs 1 & 5. I will get a list together, but I didn't get anything. That should be good news for you guys as the promise is to have one hall of fame player in each box on average. Best of luck.
Looking forward to see what everyone gets. Would be interested in the hof auto and any cubs if someone wants to trade
Here are my 16 card results: Beckett prices of cards without autographs. I hadn't thought that the cards would be original. But they are original issue.

Pack 1
Gus Zernial 1959 Topps 409 Detroit $10.00
Don Mossi 1958 Topps 35 Clevland $15.00 Creases
Jim Gosger 1969 Topps 482 Seattle Pilots $1.50
Don Pavletich 1968 Topps 108 Cincinnati $2.00
Jonathan Jones 2010 Donruss Elite Extra Edition 78 Toronto $0.50
Eddie Campbell 2016? 26 Bakersfield Blaze
Lee Orr 2011 Donruss Elite Extra Edition Prospects 85 San Diego $0.50
Scott Brow RC 1993 Bowman 435 Toronto $0.25

Pack 2
Ron Blackburn 1959 Topps 401 Pittsburgh $5.00
Frank Sullivan 1958 Topps 18 Boston $12.00
Don Buford 1969 Topps 478 Baltimore $1.50
Dalton Jones 1968 Topps 106 Boston $2.00
Zach Jackson 2005 Bowman PROS BDP123 Toronto $0.30
Patrick Kivlehan 2015 Topps Pro Debut 59 Jackson Generals $0.40
Phillips Castillo 2012 Topps Pro Debut 106 AZL Mariners $0.40
Josh Banks 2008 Bowman (RC) Toronto $0.40