2022 Panini Chronicles for trade

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5.00 star(s)
Aug 8, 2021
Cincinnati, Ohio
you know, out of all the years of collecting baseball cards, I have NEVER bought a hobby box to where I received only ONE base card......till now!!! ***!!!
I didn't know what I was really getting into when I decided to buy this box of cards, but I saw it as a small set that I could attempt to complete.
I never have good luck when it comes to pulling 5 star autographs, and this box was no different.

I certainly aint attempting to build this set after only receiving one base card. Every card was literally an insert.
Good Grief.

I guess the two notable cards I did get were a Witt JR RC, and a Julio Rodriguez RC - these are not for trade at this time

I did get a game used card of Spencer Strider that is for trade. Photo is not on website yet

Everything that I have for trade is listed in my signature. My set needs and wanted players are listed there as well.
Let me know if we can make a trade.