2022 Panini Phoenix Football Hobby Box 02/22/2023

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5.00 star(s)
Mar 10, 2004
Augusta, IL
Configuration: 12 packs per box. 5 cards per pack.

- Printed using stunning opti-chrome technology. Phoenix is one of the most colorful and sought-after brands of the year!
- New in 2022 look for the Paragon Patch Autographs as well as Contours, Fire Fabrics, and brand new SSP inserts Archetype and Metropolis.
- Look for a 242-card set with 100 Base, 100 Rookies and 42 RPS Rookie Auto Jersey!
- Chase all the top NFL Rookies including Kenny Pickett, Garrett Wilson, Malik Willis, Travon Walker and many more!
- Hunt for Hobby-exclusive short-printed inserts with En Fuego, Metropolis, Archetype and Phoenician!

Box Break:
- 2 Autographs
- 1 Memorabilia
- 2 Silvers
- 9 #’D Parallels
- 9 Inserts
- 12 Rookies


- Look for a 100-card base checklist of all the top starts the NFL has to offer!

- Look for all the best stars of tomorrow with a 100-card rookie checklist!
- Hunt for rare, autographed parallels as well!

Rookies Color Burst
- Only found 1 per Hobby Box look for the Color Burst Parallel of the Base and the Rookies!

Rps Rookie Auto Jersey
- Look for jersey autographs from the top NFL rookies.

Paragon Patch Autographs
- Brand New to Phoenix 2022, Paragon Patch Autographs features the very best players in the NFL, with jumbo patches Paragon Patch Autographs are sure to be a fan favorite.

- Brand New to Phoenix, Contours utilizes a unique design to make a iconic card of some of the gridirons biggest stars.

Star Signs
- Hunt for this SSP Autograph set Featuring the best rookies and stars in the NFL.

- A brand new SSP insert for Phoenix, Archetype is the blue print to NFL Stardom!

- Brand new in 2022, Metropolis utilizes a unique aestetic to create a truly memorable card for collectors.

Parallel Appendix:

- Base Silver
- Base Red #’d/250
- Base Pink #’d/199
- Base Lava #’d/175
- Base Teal #’d/150
- Base Purple #’d/125
- Base Orange #’d/99
- Base Yellow #’d/75
- Base Fire & Ice #’d/50
- Base Blue #’d/35
- Base Green #’d/25
- Base Black #’d/10
- Base Gold One-of-One
- Base Color Burst
- Base Sprinkles
- Base Printing Plate One-of-One

- Rookies Silver
- Rookies Red #’d/250
- Rookies Pink #’d/199
- Rookies Lava #’d/175
- Rookies Teal #’d/150
- Rookies Purple #’d/125
- Rookies Orange #’d/99
- Rookies Yellow #’d/75
- Rookies Fire & Ice #’d/50
- Rookies Blue #’d/35
- Rookies Green #’d/25
- Rookies Black #’d/10
- Rookies Gold One-of-One
- Rookies Color Burst
- Rookies Sprinkles
- Rookies Printing Plates One-of-One

- RPS Rookie Auto Jersey Max #’d/299
- RPS Rookie Auto Jersey Orange Max #’d/149
- RPS Rookie Auto Jersey Prime Yellow Max #’d/75
- RPS Rookie Auto Jersey Prime Blue Max #’d/50
- RPS Rookie Auto Jersey Prime Green Max #’d/25
- RPS Rookie Auto Jersey Laundry Tag Brand Logo One-of-One
- RPS Rookie Auto Jersey Laundry Tag NFL Players Logo One-of-One
- RPS Rookie Auto Jersey Laundry Tag NFL Shield One-of-One
- RPS Rookie Auto Jersey Super Prime One-of-One

- Paragon Patch Autographs Max #’d/25
- Paragon Patch Autographs Green Max #’d/10
- Paragon Patch Autographs Black Max #’d/5
- Paragon Patch Autographs Super Prime One-of-One

- Contours
- Contours Red #’d/199
- Contours Pink #’d/175
- Contours Teal #’d/150
- Contours Purple #’d/125
- Contours Orange #’d/99
- Contours Yellow #’d/75
- Contours Bronze #’d/50
- Contours Blue #’d/35
- Contours Green #’d/25
- Contours Black #’d/10
- Contours Gold one-of-one