2022 Topps Fire 3 Box Hobby Group Break (Random Teams) Complete

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Jan 4, 2004
2022 Topps Fire 3 Box Hobby Group Break (Random Teams) 8 PM Eastern/5 PM Pacific September 24th 2022 (Live Break on YouTube)
Live Break


20 Packs per box, 6 cards per pack, 2 Autographs per Box
Average of 2 serial numbered cards per box.

Checklist can be found here Every team has a chance for at least one autograph in the product.

Each spot will be a random, $16 per spot, multiple spots are $15 each. ie 2 spots is $31, 3 spots is $46 and so on. (Paypal F&F)... Gift and Sale (G&S) please add 4%

These were very good to us last year. It's a cheaper break to get in on for possible higher end autos that include Julio Rodriguez, Bobby Witt Jr, Bryce Harper, Mike Trout, Juan Soto, Ohtani, Torkelson, and Wander Franco. Last year we hit the Ke'Bryan Hayes Scorching Sigs auto. Topps brought back the set with on card autographs of Judge, Witt Jr, Julio, Trout, Alonso, Goldschmidt, Acuna, Ohtani, Guerrero, etc, so we will have a 1:4 shot of hitting one. And!! The dual and triple autograph checklist is stacked! They average 1:2 cases, so we have about a 1:8 shot at hitting one.

1. LarryG paid
2. LarryG paid
3. LarryG paid
4. Molitor04x paid
5. Molitor04x paid
6. Molitor04x paid
7. bdink25 paid
8. horfin paid
9. erdoro paid
10. horfin paid
11. northicehero99 paid
12. Butch Buddy paid
13. erdoro paid
14. mcgwirenut paid
15. jordanrulz paid
16. Mechjo16 paid
17. mcgwirenut paid
18. David K paid
19. gwynn_fan paid
20. Dragonslayer913
21. Fox21x paid
22. mcgwirenut paid
23. horfin paid
24. bdink25 paid
25. bdink25 paid
26. Butch Buddy paid
27. dragonslayer913
28. Fox21x paid
29. erdoro paid
30. David K paid

  1. gwynn_fan Pirates Mets
  2. LarryG White Sox
  3. David K Rockies
  4. Mechjo16 Angels
  5. Dragonslayer913 Rangers
  6. bdink25 Phillies
  7. erdoro Twins
  8. mcgwirenut O's
  9. horfin Tigers
  10. David K Red Sox
  11. LarryG Royals
  12. erdoro Marlins
  13. northicehero99 Reds
  14. mcgwirenut Mets Pirates
  15. Molitor04x Padres
  16. Butch Buddy Astros
  17. horfin Brewers
  18. Fox21x M's
  19. bdink25 Cubs
  20. horfin Nationals
  21. Molitor04x Giants
  22. erdoro Diamondbacks
  23. Butch Buddy Rays
  24. Fox21x Guardians
  25. dragonslayer913 Cardinals
  26. bdink25 Braves
  27. Molitor04x Blue Jays
  28. LarryG A's
  29. jordanrulz Dodgers
  30. mcgwirenut Yankees
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I would like to get in on this!
I will take 9 13 29 if not taken
Just a heads up! Random teams will be done tomorrow night. I will post a link for YouTube.

In addition, it looks like they are estimate to arrive Saturday! If that holds, we will break either Saturday night or Sunday. If they do not arrive until Monday, we will break Monday night.
Boxes arrived according to UPS! We will be doing the randoms tonight around 8-830 eastern. And break will be Saturday night around the same time!
One trade has happened.
Mcgwirenut has traded the Mets to gwynn_fan for the Pirates.
Updating the lists