2022 Topps insert lot for sale


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I finished my series 1 and 2 sets and Cardinal parallel sets. This is what I have left over. I would prefer to sell as a lot but LMK if you need anything. Askinh $12 dlvd for the lot. Thanks, Aaron

87AS-15 Molina-22 Ozzie Smith
T87C2 Silver Packs-35 Wainwright-67 O'neill-79 Garcia
GN-59 O'neill x4
SMLB-1Trout-2 Acuna-3 Freeman-6 Robert-8 Bregman-10 Chisholm-16 Hayes
Walmart Navy-190 Clase RC
Rainbow Foil-441 DeJong-484 Carpenter-558 Rangers
Gold Foil-334 Happ-484 Carpenter
Green Sparkle- 634 Hearn #310/499
Box Topper-OTAS17 Arenado
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