2022 Topps Update Set needs #2

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Do you have any 2021 Topps Chrome Platinum Refractors? If not will look a list for trade bait.

I have these 2022 update series
I don't have bv but if you let me know which ones you need for the update let me know. The Kershaw is pending in another trade. Thanks Billy

Let me know if this will work for the base I have for you. Feel free to adjust as necessary. Thanks.
2021 Bowman Platinum
#84 Bryce Harper
#85 Aaron Judge
Foil Base
#13 Bo Bichette

2021 Topps Chrome
#119 Alec Bohm RC
#119 Alec Bohm

2021 A&G
Mini Ad Back
#23 Ichiro

2020 Bowman Chrome
#35 Bryce Harper

2020 Diamond Kings 20y
#DK4 Bryce Harper
#DK14 Kirby Puckett

2019 Gypsy Queen
Green Base
#300 Aaron Judge

2018 Donruss
#142 Kirby Puckett 10x all star

2018 Optics
#157Bryce Harper