2023 Pick the Winner of the World Series Contest

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Jan 4, 2004
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Well, it's that time of year again! The Super Bowl has come and went, and guess what's next? BASEBALL SEASON!

I used to do this every year, but stopped years back. I didn't lose passion for it, I just had a lot going on with life.
However, I wanted to start this up again, and with approval from Mike and Andy, let's get the show on the road!

The rules are simple,
1) Pick the team you think is going to win the World Series.
2) Pick how many games you think they are going to win in the season, including Game 163s.
3) Pick how many playoff wins they will have. (this does not include tie-breaker Game 163s).
And for the big tie-breakers
4) Who will the champion face in the World Series?
5) What is the game time temperature for Game 1 of the World Series? (in F)

You can pick multiple teams or the same team with various answers to 2-5.

Now here is the catch! This is what made the contest fun over the years... You will need to ship a $10 or greater Beckett Valued Baseball Relic Card or Autograph.
**These cards cannot have creasing or more than minimal edge chipping**
These will be posted as free cards to me so you can get my address to send the cards.

As an example, User xyz wants to pick the Dodgers 3 times... but maybe they want 95, 99 and 100 wins to answer #2, along with various answers to the other answers. They would need to send 3 cards that fit the criteria.

So what happens if no one gets it EXACTLY right?

Well, great question! We will go off of the questions in order. Obviously #1 is most important, then 2, 3, 4, and 5. If person X picks Red Sox and then 93 wins, but person Y picks Red Sox and 96 wins, the closest without going over gets it right. But if two people pick the first two questions with the same answers, then it will go to #3 (without going over) and then #4 and #5 for (if necessary).
What happens if no win picks the World Series Champion?
We will go off of whoevers team made it the farthest, ie the Dodgers lose to the Red Sox in the WS, but no one picks the Red Sox and the Dodgers are picked to win by 5 entries.
Then if anyone who picked the Dodgers to win and picked the Red Sox as their opponent would get the win. If there are multiples of those, we can determine by the #5 Tie-Breaker for temperature of game one of the World Series!

The more people that enter, the more picks that are made, the more fun this will be. Do I need anymore reason to play? :)

Braves/93/11/Yankees/66 David K.
Dodgers/98/11/Astros/79 grapler135s
Dodgers/101/11/Rays/55 anglinomics
Mets/101/11/Yankees/72 illrimesaya
Orioles/96/11/Braves/53 zlw1
Padres/97/11/Yankees/68 franklinguy52
Phillies/99/11/Astros/81 journeyman

Current Cards in the pot:

2003 Leaf Certified Materials FOG Rod Carew /50 anglinomics
2008 Upper Deck Goudey Memorabilia #CU Chase Utley zlw1
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No one else wants to get in on this? This used to draw 25-30 people per contest...
Braves over Yankees and Braves win 93 games..temp 66 Best regards, David PS the temp is just to much! But at least you have tie breakers...as scobes Football contest...I picked the winner twice in the last 4 years..but losted in the random draw!
Today is the last day to enter... I will be sending out requests for the cards to everyone who have joined starting tomorrow