2023 topps heritage baseball - purple refractor set

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Aug 8, 2021
Cincinnati, Ohio
I am looking for any information on the 2023 Topps Heritage Baseball - Hot Box Purple Refractors.
Can anyone tell me how many cards there are in the set? Is it the same amount as the Heritage base?
I got a hobby box and pulled 1 out of every pack, which leads me to believe there are quite a few in the set.

anyone know?
ive searched that link already. unless im blind AF, i dont see it mention anything about a checklist or number of cards in that purple refractor set
There are 100 cards in the chrome sets. They all have the same checklist. I haven't seen a print run yet, There will also be a 100 card purple set in the High Numbers releasae.
Just looked on Beckett 100 cards in the set the same numbering as the base set though.