2023 Topps S2 Hobby Box 3x-=WE ARE LIVE!

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Team Randomizer

1. San Diego Padres1. Bblair_2002
2. Minnesota Twins2. erdoro
3. Miami Marlins3. bostonsox77
4. Oakland Athletics4. dubby25
5. Cleveland Guardians5. Molitor04x
6. TB Rays6. gestes72
7. Philadelphia Phillies7. erdoro
8. Seattle Mariners8. cubman1941
9. KC Royals9. bostonsox77
10. Pittsburgh Pirates10. bobbyd9179
11. Milwaukee Brewers11. Molitor04x
12. Houston Astros12. Molitor04x
13. SF Giants13. dubby25
14. Toronto Blue Jays14. bobbyd9179
15. Washington Nationals15. bostonsox77
So officially no hit in the 3rd box. Sending out to topps today. Could be a while before we get it back. Once we do the auto/relic will go to the corresponding team. Sorry guys… hasn’t happened before during any of my breaks!