21 years to land this white whale...Ozzie style

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Sep 18, 2008
It took me 21 years but I finally landed this card! Player collectors know the joy of finally crossing one like this off the old checklist. Very happy to finally have this rare item!

1988 Topps Cloth Experimental:

Thanks Guys. I knew the people on The Bench would appreciate picking up an old school card like this.

Kev- I'll keep my eyes open for another one for you.
Congrats! There's nothing quite like finding one of those elusive cards.

I've been slowly working on trying to complete the Chipper base card run, which doesn't sound too difficult...until you get down to the last 20 or so, and they are all cards that you've never even seen before. I was happy because I just picked up a card that I had been looking for for several years, but certainly not 21 years.

I can't even imagine how the 21 year search conclusion must feel.
Way to go on the super-tough stuff. Great job. Now you have to find another card that never turns up.