28 DEC set hits

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5.00 star(s)
Jul 6, 2010
Fort Benning, GA
Glenn Davis 6/4 signed and returned 2 keepers set hit was 1990 Fleer
1448 Grove Park Dr, Apt 1407
Columbus, GA 31904

Ricky Jordan 4/5 1990 Fleer set hit
c/o home

Davis added to data base
Congrats, Mr. Davis is doing great things, I sent him an email to see if it was okay to send him some cards and no response, maybe I'll try this addy, Thanks..:)
Davis is on the city councel here in Columbus, GA. I told him that the city is in much better shape than it was when I was first stationed here at Fort Benning. That must have won him over...lol

Thanks guys.
That is one AWESOME success! Davis is a pretty cool guy. Very down to earth and just a good person. That being said, I would be surprised if there is going to be a flood of Davis successes. This is the first success I've seen with him in YEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRS. I do think your letter probably hit the nail on the head on this one, but his is still a pretty tough sig.
Probably also helped that you actually live there. The rest will probably go in the trash, and he'll be mad that you shared the address, lol.

Just kidding, great successes!