29,793 1/1's produced in 2009 Baseball ALONE!

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Apr 16, 2006
We've had several topics about 1/1's here since I returned a few months back. Found this on beckett today as I guess Chris Olds also got curious and took it upon himself to do a little research.

Here is Chris Olds story copied and pasted for your pleasure.

I personally love it when a 1/1 is found in a Beckett Box Busters box and “outrage” erupts from a seemingly always agitated few.


Because the 1/1 is nowhere close to being what it used to be.

Ever wonder how many 1/1s have been made?

Well, I looked up last year’s total — just for baseball.

It will surprise you. Find out how many were made below …

29,793 1/1 baseball cards were made in 2009

How many of those were found in Box Busters videos? How many were found by you, personally? (If you even bother to open wax.)

‘Nuff said.

Even better, after doing more digging, it seems that there are nearly 340,000 1/1 cards listed in the Beckett database — just for baseball.

Frankly, I’ve seen many more impressive cards found by others — cards tougher to find, cards more expensive — out of many a collectors’ boxes. (Even boxes provided to other outlets free by card companies, too, but we’ll not dwell on that.)

Oh, and the card above? As always, the notable pulls will go into collectors’ hands. Look for details on how you can win that card in Beckett Baseball No. 56 … coming soon.
It's hilarious, he wrote that article to defend their ridiculous Topps Tribute box break, trying to say that it wasn't rigged. Here's what they pulled from 2 boxes:

Pujols T205 red 1/1
Lincy T205 black /99
Kiner relic auto
Gwynn triple g/u
Howard triple gu auto
Ruth bat
Strasburg relic auto

A Pujols 1/1 and a Ruth bat in the same box, and of course they pulled a Strasburg relic auto. Nobody will ever have another 2 boxes like this... it's shady and dishonest. But that's Beckett for ya!
Not tryin to defend beckett or anything, but for $350 a box Id expect some nice hits.