2nd June Contest for Ken Griffey Jr. Auto 7/25! Winner is Rhubarb_Runner!

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David K.

Feb 5, 2007
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Fresno, California
Good morning everyone! Your playing for a 2008 Upperdeck Heroes gray Ken Griffey Jr. auto serial 7/25!
•Must have at least 5 Bench points to enter and previous winners from my contests cannot enter : criollos, Jaybo374, cdahlk2001, scc76, Mitchieho, Bowhunter3070, The Quarter Box, Jlackey40, Mike1943golf, Grapler135s, Jasket, bb3p, Zlw1, dadandsoncards, GreatAlbert, pfinder, Aug06, metsman1986, jwj20, phillie49er, chieftazmisty, jordanrulz, boivingp, bonomorretti, Bob Kuchta, gwynn_fan, Sandman43103, Jackatl, DanotoriousNIC, Stephj24, Mightydon, Jack, Travistrue, hatesgoats, cincikid, LEONOFNJ, baberuth#3, Scobes, autographhunter, craigmbrooks, dred0gg024, sturgeon, stlcardtrader, TGutta, prof2usa, Neemann, Vlads Impaler, Dacubs?, rynofan23, Pac rat 76, Giantsfan, weegee, cmcjr99, MetDude, quota, robert326, mrknicks, Mintman2, Springerdeals, Mikecanelliere, NC30715, Anglinomics, Braves95, GSK624777, bfd13, iamthesoccerstar, tribefan, SLNoble13, pitofsteel, rotorob, curt everhart, T-206, doktaman1981, casket, Mdhollenbergs, Konel07,grayminis, 558561,Chief Wahoo, nevermore, mike, dbvol, Redsguy, JamesNevans, worldwideed, bravesfan2010, tom szczygiel, mm1sub, Dragonslayer913, diseal, Basebal1fan, DaSoxFan, dbarbos1, CubsFan1313, greatdadx2, Wreckingballsc, brj38464, Applegate, majdic2136, XZYXZY, Vistaviper, rl16, Bombie1138,Kdog, CYmarlins, RHauch, buck1982, Kugelmanco, Teammaddux, Tugboat 2648, S.Lackey, mrmopar, Jaxson11, Redsoxfan1979, Yanks22518, Katester44, aspoe093, Chavezforprez, Hoyt55, Zakman, Mindbinge, who765, entersandman, IRobo, waterboy12386, pltcards, Cometmike, Snakester1, Jimmyharcar, Taliasen, bigwallastyle, just-for-cards, blueted007, TL1217, Metallica Rocks, Whitesoxfan, Jdshuskers, Tigerace14, Mattinglyscards, 7guns, abncal, garyg21, redsfan24, reickholt, roro17 and NYY1

•Must select only one number for the entire life of the contest from 1 to 80!!

•Before you pick a number, please read the above rules!
•Good luck to everyone! Contest is over! Winner is Rhubarb_Runner!

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