2nd Oct contest for Chipper Jones auto! Winner is reickholt! Contest is over! Winning number was 59!

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David K.

5.00 star(s)
  • Good morning everyone! Your playing for a 2016 Topps Tier one auto Chipper Jones 49/50!
  • One guess for the life of the contest from 1 to 75! Must have at least 15 Bench points to enter this contest! Previous winners cannot enter this contest! However, on special contests on Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years and 4th of July that rule is gone!
  • Previous Winners: 06saints, chief wahoo, easy mike, greatdadx2, nevermore, dragonslayer913, bostonsox 77, baystate123, anglinomics, STLSHOEMAN, Rhubarb_Runner, Trapped212, Trishlp, dakion, 89Giants, dubby25, hociman, biggun61, Bearup, Larry G, Bbonds25, criollos, cornwellfamily, Seawolf17.
  • Anyone trying to cause problems will be reported!
  • Good luck to everyone! Best regards, David
Not open for further replies.