3/15 score


5.00 star(s)
Nice night tonight as my little nephew got to practice at the Dr. Pepper Rangers Youth Field and hit a bomb over the left field monster. It's a measly 163 down the line but no matter, the look on his face was priceless :)

Anyway got back to his house and he had 3 ST hits....

Matt Treanor 3/3
Sean Henn 2/2
Hideki Okajima 2/2

Via trade with Ritchie(MrMets) thanks again!!
John Maine
Robin Ventura

& IP from UTA/Sam Houston St brought

Michael Choice 3/3 (Andrew's has already been mailed)
Dallas Gallant 4 customs(gave him 3) Sam Houston St pitcher should get drafted as his deuce is nasty and he did deliver in the cape cod league but he has to be able to throw that breaker for a strike b/c he's sitting 90-91 and hitters will just wait on a fastball and pound it. we'll see. lots of scouts were there...



thanks for reading!! Beware the Ides of March :)