3/25 & 3/26: more ST stuff!

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Aug 30, 2007
The Michigan Thumb
Tomorrow is the 2 week mark for when my ST batch went out, and after today I'm 15/50! I honestly have no idea what I did differently from everybody else, but I call this a better ratio than what I've heard.

Garrett Atkins 2/3, kept one (12 days)

Mr. T's Comment: Luckily the one he kept was the 08 Heritage, so I got my first two A&G's back (07 and 09). He was $25 (for Rockies foundation) last year, so two for free is fine by me.

Brad Ausmus 2/2 (12 days)

Mr. T's Comment: I'm calling it now, future MLB manager after an average career (see A.J. Hinch). I knew his max was two, so I didn't push it here.

Heath Bell 2/2 (12 days)

Mr. T's Comment: Another all-star return, and no complaints here. He did a great job replacing Hoffman as a closer, and his TTM time frame didn't disappoint either.

Jesse Litsch 1/1 (13 days)

Mr. T's Comment: My first Blue Jay back, but this youngster will be part of a good pitching core Toronto is working on. He signs often, so this might be the time to send before he becomes big.