3 autos and 13 game used want to trade for baseball or sell.


5.00 star(s)
the autos:
1211/3000 Mark DeSantis 1994 four sport classic gold card.
Patrik Stefan upper deck 2000 MVP prosign auto.
Darryl Sydor 2002 signature series.

game used cards

Steven Sullivan UG game jersey 2006
Hot materials fleer 2006 hot prospects.
Niklas Nordgren
Kevin Nastiuk
Brad Richardson

SPX rookie threads 2001 Kirby Law. 0489/1500

Premire stars jersey 2004 Dan Hamuis 128/250

SP sweet beginnings 60-07 Ryan Potulny

110/499 tools of the game Davis Legwand 2001

First class jersey Jaromir Jagr 2002

matted material jersey Mike Madano 05-06
authentic fabric SP 2002
Luc Roitallie
Mike Madono

this is a quad jersey heads UP pacfic
Mike Madano
Joe Nieuwendyk
Darryl Sador
Darian hatcher.

looking for baseball autos and game used cards of equal value.


PM me thank you.