3 cool returns today

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Dec 9, 2009
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Placentia, CA
I was super excited to get Dale Murphy back. He was one of my favorites growing up.

A nice surprise from Gary Matthews Jr, he signed both of my cards with different pens and included a signed chrome card as well.

Dale Murphy - c/o Home - 4 months 3/3
Gary Matthews Jr. - Mets ST - 3/2
Mickey Hatcher - Angels ST - 3/3

murphy was hands down my favorite player growing up. i fondly remember watching a ton of tbs back then. first time i went to astrodome at 11 yrs of age, i got him IP in between games of a DH. i will always remember that...congrats again!!
Very nice. I've got a feeling Dale Murphy just saw his rate of fan mail increase.
awesome returns congrats!!! i hope this means my dale cards will be sent back soon!!!
since I've gotten a bunch of messages about it today....
I used the Dale Murphy address listed on this site.
good luck.
Excellent return from Murph - I remember watching him on that other "TBS" station.
great returns!!!
congrats on the dale murphy i heard he was htg!!
Hopefully my Dale cards will come back signed. Seems I sent them about 3-4 months ago

Congrats on the success!