3 in the mail and Jets IP

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Mar 23, 2004
First off a big thanks to jrchoholic who I had PM regarding the Cassells he got and interested in trading. Had not gotten a list together of Mets for his collection and it popped up in my mailbox.

Also in the mail were
Greg Jennings who signed 2/2 cards c/o Packers with a note thanking for being a fan and to check out his website
Juaquin Iglesias 1/1 card c/o Bears

Jets were in town and did them leaving for the game. Did really well considering the snow.

Anthony Lynn 3 cards
Dennis Thurman 1 card
Erik Ainge 1 card
Kellen Clemens 1 cards(victim of snow vs. sharpie)
Shaun Ellis 2 cards (Jets and Tennessee)
Alan Faneca 1 card
D'Brickshaw Ferguson 1 card
Thomas Jones 1 card
Dustin Keller 2 cards(Purdue and Jets)
Darrelle Revis 1 card

Mark Sanchez ignored the 2 of us there for graphs as did Shonn Greene