3 monster boxes of cards, what to do?

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Apr 22, 2006
Here is something a lot of collectors out there probably are dealing with. I have a small place and my collection has overgrown from the closet, to the second bedroom, the floor, on the desk, etc. I have about 3 monster boxes of cards that are now seperated by team. Mostly 90s and early 00s.

I can line the USPS Flat Rate box with extra bubbler mailers. Shipping will be $14.00 so I am asking $21 PayPal.

If you want a 800 ct box of different teams I will take $15.50 PayPal or trade for $25 of Jeter and A-rod.


I have all teams right now EXCEPT these:

Pirates (sold)
Reds (sold)
Tigers (sold)
Cardinals (sold)

I can do 800 ct box of:

Every other team I can not make an entire 800 ct box.
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$20 is the going rate for flat rate boxes of commons. I sometimes buy them as do a few other people on the site. Forgot the names but if you did a search I'm sure you could spot them:)
As long as they are in good shape I may be interested in the cards you have from 2000-now. Not really looking to spend alot, but I would rather take them off your hands then see them thrown out.

Here is something a lot of collectors out there probably are dealing with. I have a small place and my collection has overgrown from the closet, to the second bedroom, the floor, on the desk, etc. I have about 12 monster boxes of cards that don't even look thru and can use the space.

12 monster boxes x 5000 cards = 60,000 cards. Even at a penny a card that is $600. I don't want to throw them out because of all the money I have spent in buying them. And I know the commons can range form .05 to .50, but finding someone who wants that cards is hard to do.

Any ideas on how to move some of these cards? I have thought about team boxes but postage seems to be an issue. How about filling up USPS Flat Rate boxes and selling them off? What is a fair price?

What have you guys (and gals) done in the past?
Thanks for your ideas,
Don, check out this thread. (It's still alive :) tho some have burned 'em by now):


You could sell them on ebay, but most likely you would only get a little more than postage for them. On the flat rate box issue I've received cards in them before and they have always been damaged, just to throw that out there.

When I have a few extra monster boxes, I post them on craigslist. Not sure if this will work in your area, but you can check it out at:


It is free to post and sell.

Hope that helps,
Yup, John. That's in that thread I linked above.
All my Baseball sold RIGHT away.
Of course, I sold the Lot(s) real cheap
and in the area I live in, plenty of exposure to the craigslist ads and loads of fans (Metro NY/NJ area - suburbs 40 mins west of the City, and had a guy drive down from Hudson County to pick up a box).
I have my 06 Topps Chrome and 06 Score Football in Ads there now (craigs).

Shipping costs are cost-prohibitive for commons/base. Flat Rate USPS box is cheapest, and is about $9 now, and you can get about 2K cards in one.
AND - I threw away (recycled, really) all damaged; NEVER do that to people... !
Thanks for the great responses in less than an hour! Atleast I know there are some options out there. Since I put together so many sets, my doubles are taking over.

Let me see what I can do for those of you who said they have an interest in a certain player or team.
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I'm trying to pull together Topps Chrome base sets, so I would be interested in a box full of those - we could decide on a quantity or flat price. Just let me know if this is of interest.


I may be interested in taking the Twins off your hands. Quote me a price and maybe a ballpark figure on what years and brands these would be. Thanks.
I would be interested in your Pirates and Reds. hmmm looks like you may be able to get rid of quite a few here. :)
You can also bring one monster box to a local children's hospital or other charity. Even if the cards are worth jack little kids will still love them.
I'm also doing topps chrome sets as well as any year topps or topps opening day. Lmk what you might have in those and what we can do.

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i donated alot of mine to my local special olympics - my father coaches the softball team and i coach the basketball team...anyways, i'd be interested in any mets and yankees that you may have - please pm me , thanks, erik
Back in October I listed a thread that I was putting all my dupes of sets into teams lots. I am finally done. That took forever!

I did not count the cards but I did slide an 800 ct box next to them and based me counts off of that. I have anywere between 1600 and 2000+ of each team.

Do you know if all of those will fit into a flat rate shipping box from the USPS? Shipping would be $9.00.

Meliah said that the going rate was about $20 a box but I do not know if that included shipping.

Please let me know what you think. I am open to suggestions and offers.
Hey, good luck with your adventure. I have 25 monster boxes worth of football cards and probably have 3x to 4x that many baseball cards, plus other sports. I am sorting out the football stuff and it is a pain. :(