3 NO and 1 yes!

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Nov 1, 2009
Long Beach
I got one today.
Doug Rau sent 11/24 returned 12/2 (1/1)
But with that one, I also got a return unsigned (but with a hand written note)
Andy Messersmith sent 11/24 returned 12/2 (0/1)

I also got a rejection letter from the family of Coach John Wooden.

I also received a "happy to sign, but here is my price list" from Reggie Cleveland. He charges $1 for a signed card, so I sent him a buck today!
That is actually pretty cool that Messersmith sent a note. He could have just rejected it.

He is a toughie and that is why! Too bad he and Marshall don't sign. Both have some great Dodger items I would love to have signed!
Good stuff! Congrats! I can tell you that is an authentic "Andy." No, he doesn't sign any more. When he was playing up until he was with the Dodgers he was a pretty good signer. However, once he was granted free agency...well, then he became a tough sig. TTMs weren't answered, and your best chance with him, back then was in person. While you may consider it a failure, that is a cool note!
Great success! I would consider the note a success as well. Too bad you have to burn 2 more stamps because Reggie put the credit crunch on fronting you the buck for a sig.
$1 is a great price and something that keeps those resellers from grabbing up unlimited sigs. At the same time, it keeps it affordable for the collector and even makes Reggie some lunch money to boot.

I think more players should ask a modest fee, when they require a fee. Too much money for so-so players is a joke though.