3 ttm, 1 email & 1 fanpack ( Canucks )


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Bill " Superfoot" Wallace 6x Martial Arts Champion who's kick was clocked at 60 mph back in the 70's sent ISP 8x10 color photo signed in silver, one of my best returns :0) sent out on 12-12

John LeClair signed my custom sent out on 1-2

Bobby Shantz signed my custom sent out on 1-2

via email St. Joes coach Phil Martelli sent signed 8x10 color photo

Canucks fan pack included 6 player cards & 1 sticker
Edler,Salo,Erhoff,Bieska,Wellwood & Demitra



Awesome returns! Congrats! Bill Wallace still looks the same, just whiter hair. I bet he could still kick the tar out of you! As I recall, he was really good friends with John Belushi, and was the one who found him when we learned he passed away.