3000 Basketball cards (you pay $20 shipping only)

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Oct 3, 2014
Missoula Montana
3000 Basketball cards (you pay $20 shipping only)

I obtained about 3000 Basketball cards. I don't collect these basketball and just looking to get rid of them to someone who enjoys basketball. The only thing I am worried about is shipping.

I would offer this deal to anyone. I would sell these for $20 shipping/handling.

When you get the cards, if you think they are worth more then the $20 for shipping, we can work something out where I get a few cards.

If you don't think they are worth more, they are yours to enjoy.

First Come First Serve.

I will accept paypal and cash
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what years are the basketball and brands

1989-90 Hoops
1990-91 Fleer
1991-92 Wildcard
1992 Front Row
1992-93 Hoops
1992-93 Skybox
1992-93 Upper Deck
1993 Classics
1993-94 Fleer
1993-94 Hoops
1993-94 Skybox
1993-94 Stadium Club
1993-94 Topps
1993-94 Ultra
1993-94 Upper Deck
1993-94 Upper Deck SE
1994-95 Topps
1997-98 Stadium Club
1997-98 Topps
1997-98 Upper Deck